Welcome to the Life and Times of SFC Michael G. Stahl, U.S. Army (Ret.) United States Army Special Forces MORE FUN THAN FEAR I was born to be a soldier ◊  I am a soldier ◊ I will die a soldier

I am SFC Michael G. Stahl, U.S. Army (Ret.). As a high school dropout, I enlisted on 22 Nov. 1962, at the age of 17, in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. I lived  near an Air Force SAC (Strategic Air Command) base in central Florida, so if the balloon did go up . . .

While in the Army, I was trained as a parachute rigger. I learned to speak both Arabic and German fluently. I was accepted into special forces (Green Beret) training and earned my beret as an operations and intelligence sergeant. I “volunteered” for service in Vietnam three (3) times. I served two (2) tours. I was awarded several “baubles” and was medically retired due to combat wounds received on 8 Aug. ‘70.

While in the army I became an avid and active sky diver earning an expert license.

After my retirement, I started college. I earned an AA at Manatee Community College, a BS in behavioral science from the University of Southern Colorado and an MA in human communication from the University of Northern Colorado. I have a very diverse employment history doing everything from digging ditches (really) to teaching college. Currently living in Colorado Springs, CO, I am involved with my perpetual battle against the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for some semblance of justice and other veterans’ issues and

continuing to offer my services to remove the mysteries from PTSD through discuaaion and education groups.

I continue my studies the histories of the Vietnam, Special Forces and SOG.  I have, most recently, launched my

Dream: TrickyMisfit Enterproses, LLC , which is dedicated to the  preservation, protection, and promotion of an

accurate history of the United States Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) during the Second Indochina War.

Aug. ‘69 to Aug. ‘70: I requested reassignment to Vietnam after my German language training. When I arrived at Nha Trang, I requested assignment to CCN (Command and Control, North), an ultra top secret unit of MACVSOG (Military Advisory Command - Vietnam - Studies and Observation Group), where I requested to be assigned to the recon company. Instead, I was given the job of the S-2 (Intelligence) Sgt. On MLT-2 (Mobile Launch Team - 2) at Quang Tri. Then I was reassigned to the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) as an intelligence Sgt.

I finished my tour in the recon company, as I had first requested. I became the One-Zero (1-0) (i.e., team leader) of RT Michigan. I was WIA on 8 Aug. ‘70, approximately two (2) weeks before I was scheduled to return home. As a result of this tour I was awarded a second Silver Star, a second Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and an Air Medal. Learn more >>>     Related links: Ballads | Decorations | War Stories

I am currently redesigning this website and adding content. Some pages remain unavailable, some pages were built years ago, when I was first dabbling in web design, there are broken links, etc., etc., etc. Contact here me if you encounter a problem or have a request/comment.

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