My name is SFC Michael G. Stahl. I am a Vietnam combat veteran. I am medically retired from the United States Army due to wounds received while serving in SEA. I have PTSD.

In seeking some form of help for my own ‘affliction,’ I soon determined that there simply was none - not from the Veteran’s Administration and not from the private sector.

In the spirit of the old Vietnam Combat Veterans who started the first Vet Centers,

I propose we help ourselves.

In addition to being a medically retired combat veteran, I hold a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from the University of Southern Colorado (now USC Pueblo) and a master’s degree in human communication from the University of Northern Colorado.

From the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s, I worked extensively on my own PTSD issues through the Colorado Springs Vet Center. I am, also, a graduate of the inpatient PTSD program at the VAMC in Denver.

I do NOT propose to conduct any groups as a “professional.” I only suggest that I am qualified to get the ball rolling and facilitate informed discussions about living with PTSD.

I am currently forming two groups for combat veterans, their family members and/or friends. These groups will be offered at no cost to participants. I am a retired veteran who sees a very big problem with the alleged help for sufferers of PTSD offered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and I wish to use all my experience to continue to help my brothers and sisters. There is a link to a fillable PDF form at the bottom of this page. If you have problems with the form, just send the relevant information to my email with the topic PTSD Group.

One group will be an open and open-ended discussion group regarding our PTSD issues. As a behaviorist, I find that understanding the cause-effect (stimulus-response) relationships of PTSD is the most helpful place to start. This group will not be heavy into psychobabble. Members are invited to share questions and concerns; combat experiences; problems with family, friends, society in general; and issues with the VA and DoD. Although there must be group participation for a group to succeed, some members may sit and observe until comfortable enough to share.

The other group I am offering is a 12-week, didactic workshop dealing with communication skills. Given communicologist estimate 99% of all human communication fails at some level, and given one major aspect of PTSD is it’s major impact on our social interaction, i.e., communicating with friends and loved ones. Helping people better say what they mean, so that they can actually mean what they say has been something I have done very well as tested by the documents available for view on the right.

The date/time for the groups is TBD. Each group will meet one (1) day per week for 1½ hours, starting as early as 1600 hours and ending no later than 2100 hours. Once information regarding participant availability has been collected, a day/time will be picked which accommodates the greatest overlap. Tuesdays through Saturdays will be available.

Venue: Initially the groups will be offered in my living room not far from the intersection of Main Street and Security Blvd. In zip 80911. This venue will restrict group size, but I prefer not to exceed +/- 12 members.

Cost: I am doing this as a volunteer, on my own dime. However, if you find value in this effort and wish to make a small donation, at some point, it will not be refused. Prior to joining either group, you will be asked to sign this acknowledgment.

By signing this sheet, I am acknowledging interest in attending one of Sergeant Stahl’s groups. I understand that Sergeant Stahl does have combat experience, formal education and counseling experience but is not licensed by any agency: governmental or private and has absolutely NO affiliation with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. He is offering his diverse experience on a voluntary basis to help other veterans through the maze of combat PTSD. I understand that NO therapeutic claims are being made by Sergeant Stahl. I further understand that there are no fees for these sessions. However, if I do find value in this effort, I am aware that donations will be accepted as I can afford, with said donations going into the perpetuation and possible expansion of this ‘veteran helping veterans’ effort. I acknowledge that participating in either of these groups can expose issues which can be both surprising and serious and need real (not so much the VA’s) psychological/psychiatric help beyond the scope of these efforts. If

such need arises, I hereby pledge to discuss the issue with Sergeant Stahl, and attempt to find the assistance I need and/or take a recess from the group as is in the mutual best interest of all.


Now Forming in the Security/Fountain area.

Open Interest Form PDF

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Clicking on the above button should start the download of my interest form. Please fill it out and attach it to an email sent to me at Should you have any problems with the .pdf form, simply get the information to me with an email.