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Letters From Vietnam


-1-                                                                                              9 Sept 67       

Dear Duane,

It sure was good to get a letter today. I got one from you and one from Betty, and Betty said she has written me every two or three days. The last one I got was dated the 18th. I think somewhere between here and the U.S. there are a bunch of letters.

Sorry about your fish. Better luck next time.

Would you believe it is now the 11th. Don't ask me what happened. I'm not even sure. Sorry about the dirty paper but I'm running a little short.

Sounds like a good deal on that trailer. I'm glad you finally got accepted at some school even if it is in Georgia. You know what I always say "Can't keep a good man down."

You bet Charlie gets mean around election time. We were the only camp and I Corps that didn't get hit. And the only district in Tien Phuoc province.

I'll tell you what ol' buddy. After this month over here I don't care if I'm ever alone again. Of course female companionship is a little scarce out here in the woods.

Betty didn't sleep too much either time she was pregnant. But then she didn't

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