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Letters From Vietnam

25 Aug ‘67

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25 Aug 67

         Hi Pal,

I Just got your letter of the 9th and was so damn glad to hear from someone stateside I  decided to answer it ASAP. My mail has just caught up with me as I was at Ft. Lewis, 3 days, Cam Ranh Bay, 3 days, Nha Trang, 3 days, DaNang, 3 days and finally here at Tien Phouc. I got 4 letters from Betty and yours.

I'm sorry Betty gave those fish away. I would much rather you had gotten them. If you have any use for any of my equipment, feel free to get it. Good luck on your breeding (Duane kept and bred fish.). If you ask me, it's a pain in the neck.

Learn to play that 12 string real well as when I get back I plan on having one hell of a party. I don't care who goes as long as they're all round eyes (American) and they make lots of noise (in English). As a matter of fact you can start planning it now. I'll appoint you as party chairman. How's that?