Welcome to the Life and Times of SFC Michael G. Stahl, U.S. Army (Ret.) MORE FUN THAN FEAR

Letters From Vietnam


                                                                                          12 Oct 67       

Dear New Father,

Congratulations! I'm sure glad to hear there is [sic] still some people around who can make boys.

With a(nd) name like that he can't lose. DMI? Looks like it should stand for something.

Aug '68 looks like a good date to graduate. We'll both have something to celebrate. You don't know how much I wish I had stayed in school and you had enlisted. I mean, if it's got to happen ,why not to a friend?

Hell! Why don't you have a few of those "stuffs" drop me a a line? Maybe I could get a sorority to adopt the team. For real (break)

Would you believe it's now the 17th? The generator went out at that point of the letter and since then I've been on a four-day patrol

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