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Letters From Vietnam


                                                                                           2 Oct 67       

Dear Duane,

If this letter gets a little incoherent, it is most likely that the reason is the fact that is now 0415 hrs. You guessed it. As usual, I'm writing while on guard.

And besides that I feel like hell. Somehow I've gotten a cold. I think it may be from my trip to Da Nang. When I left, it was hot as hell here. We flew, by chopper, at about 5000 feet, and it was really cold, doors open at all. Then, of course, at Da Nang, it was hot as hell again. That was about a week ago and I've had one hell of a cold ever since.

I'm glad to see you're in school for the grades this time. You don't really have too long to go do you? I can I imagine Spanish with a southern accent. Brother!

I'm glad also to hear you're getting experience in building aquariums. You can help me out when I get home. Boy, have you got a chance to clean up. Interest your friends in fish and start your own little aquarium business. You might could even get a small dealership. Could be worth looking into.

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