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Letters From Vietnam


                                                                                                                                                                                                      8 Dec 67        

Dear Duane,

How's this for mail service? Actually it's the second. I just thought I'd shake you up.

How does $2572 sound for a Road Runner? That's of course stock or fairly. They don't deliver it here, stupid! They deliver it to any city I wish such as Bradenton.

I'll most likely get the "Road Runner" or a "Charger." They also looked pretty sharp to me. I just wish I were up to date on car quality. What do you think of the Charger? For me that is. You know, an old family man.

What are you trying to do? Break all the records that G.S. gradewise that is.

I can't do much for the pro-touch & see types, but I got about 14 other guys here who like to write dirty letters. I shouldn't have to say anything about myself. You know old horny me.

If "!Tenges Cuidado!" means "keep your head down," I do. What does it mean anyway?

The monsoons have finally arrived. I haven't seen the sun for about a week now.

I bought an AIWA TP – 1001 stereo tape recorder while I was in Da Nang last. Now I have something to help me keep my sanity.

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