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Letters From Vietnam


                                                                                                                                                                                                  16 Feb 68  

Dear Duane,

Just received the letter you wrote the 5th. Seems the mail clerk messed up and send it out to Tien Phuoc and it just got back.

That's right. I'm not it Tien Phuoc anymore. I've been assigned to my C-Team as the S-5 NCO. S-5 is the Civil Affairs Staff Section. I'm the only enlisted man in the section. Just me into and two 1st Lts.

I can't remember if I wrote you about Tet or not. I spend it in Tam Key anyway and, as the saying goes, the feces did hit the fan.

As it is now we're still on alert here in the Da Nang. I felt a hell of a lot safer at Tien Phuoc. Especially with reports of Clyde having medium bombers in NVN. Who'd want to bomb Tien Phuoc? Now Da Nang is another question.

I don't know if I got your letter or not. Did I answer it? I only keep things such as that around long enough to answer. You can

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